"RIght understanding" for  "right action"

Building from the Block Up is an organization and resource network created to strengthen cooperative youth  enterprises with a vision of  nurturing their ideals into actions and awakening their dreams into reality: Block by Block. We envision a renewed and regenerative force of youth led projects and social enterprises that can start to create the just and sustainable future we all need.  We are an educational, technical, and logistical resource organization leveraging an extensive network of dedicated servant-leaders in the Lowcountry Area of SC. We are currently developing College Clubs, High School Clubs and 'Neighborhood Building Teams.


A group of five-eight high school students, living in the same geographical neighborhood constitute a 'neighborhood building team'. These youth are invited based upon demonstrated leadership and then chosen by their peers in an election process. The teams will go through an 8-week long process of community building in which they will acquire the understanding, skills, and attitudes to carry out meaningful service to their communities. Each team will be sponsored by the Building from the Block Up Resource Network while they go through the Building Process.


    • To support academic engagement and achievement.
    • Empower youth to develop the transferable skill sets of demanded by competitive global economy and to participate meaningfully with civil society during adolescence and transitions to adulthood.
    • To increase resilience and coping mechanisms in young people experiencing particularly difficult social conditions.
    • Develop the abilities of young people to exercise their own voice and influence in matters that affect them.
    • To increase the creative potential of Media Arts and Technology in youth culture.
    • To increase self-efficacy and self-esteem from serving their own community.
    • Creating a robust resource network of role models, mentors, and community leaders to increase access to social capital around the youths interests.

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service-learning education

The best way to learn is to teach, and the best way to serve is to take a 'posture of humble learning'. As the fundamental component of all of our endeavors, we seek to learn collectively through a process of study, action, and reflection, where all progress intellectually and spiritually in their capacity to serve.

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building neighborhood resilience

To be resilient does not mean to sit idly, take abuse, witness inequities, or accept life circumstances as is and 'hope' that it will pass someday! Resilience is an active force of empowerment in which we develop the capacity to sense and respond to meet the needs of our community.

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sustaining social enterprise

In order to sustain our service and fuel our initiatives, it is paramount we explore many ways of transforming our economic landscape. By focusing locally we will create and transform  economic infrastructure and enterprise to support the work of spiritual and social progress in our region. We have four main enterprises created to support our work, while, thrive of off a in-kind donations from our resource network and time exchange.

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